Rumor Has It

The first time gossip exploded throughout our school like a shaken bottle of soda was when Charlie, a greasy-haired kid in the fourth grade, jabbed a pair of safety scissors into Ms. Grant’s leg.

Normally, we would have felt a certain amount of sympathy for a kid who got in trouble, because as kids, we understood what it was like to face off with an adult who didn’t understand how tough life was for us.

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Small Talk

Napping lost its appeal the moment his eyes opened. Somewhere in the house, a clock ticked and a cat mewed. He went in search of adventure and found Daddy slouched on the couch with a red book in hand. Daddy looked floppy like Teddy whose stuffing had been squished so much.

“Daddy? Dad. Daddy!”

“Hi Sam. Up from your nap, are you?”

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