Need a Good Laugh?

broshreview01To be honest, I was skeptical about Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh. It was an internet phenomenon. Hordes of people LOVED it, but hordes of people love other questionable things like D*n@ld Tr^mp, NASCAR, and lima beans.

In spite of that, I picked up a copy because I was determined to finish my local library’s summer reading challenge, part of which required me to read a book that would make me laugh out loud.

Mission accomplished.

If you’re unfamiliar with the book, then let me boil it down for you. It contains  self-deprecating but insightful stories  about Ms. Brosh’s experiences. They’re accompanied by some charmingly primitive drawings, kind of like my feeble attempts here.

I carried this everywhere for a few days. I read it on breaks at work. I read it while commuting to and from the office on the bus. I read it in coffee shops and while standing in lines. It literally made me laugh out loud and caused strangers to stare.

My favorite pieces were the stories about her single-minded pursuit of a birthday cake and an epic battle with a goose. I also appreciated her funny tales about her goofy dogs.

broshreview03Hyperbole isn’t just a funny book. It addresses some heavy topics in a sensitive fashion too. Anyone who has experienced clinical depression will relate to the two stories about Ms. Brosh’s own struggles. If you care about someone with depression, but can’t quite fathom what they’re going through, this is the first thing I’d recommend you’d read.

I adore this book. I’m going to leave it out on the coffee table to tempt my kids and visitors. Maybe even the cat will be interested in it, since it contains insider info on her sworn enemies: dogs.

If you haven’t already cracked the spine of this book, you really are missing out. It’s sublime.


There’s an App for That?

Alaska 754

First Lady: Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you for some advice. My niece is having a baby shower…

Second Lady: Oh how nice. When’s she due?

First Lady: In August. She asked me to bring a small app to the shower. So, how do you buy an app for someone else? Can you do it on iTunes? What sort of app do you think she would want?

Second Lady: Oh wow, how times have changed, huh? I really don’t know. Can you ask her for suggestions?

Me (in my head): Maybe she just wants chips and onion dip…

Glossary for New Office Workers

Slip sheets are colored and/or labeled sheets of paper inserted between documents

Tabs are dividers with extensions beyond the page’s edge that can be labeled.

Tabbies are cats.


Transcripts are written records of something that was originally produced in another medium (deposition, movie, etc.)

Tranny is a colloquial term for (a) the transmission from an automobile; or (b) a transvestite.