Designing Jeans Pockets

Jeans Pockets with Birds

Over the years, I’ve seen discussions on the interwebs about creative treatments for the rear patch pockets. Some people confessed to spending a lot of time checking out other people’s backsides–much more time than they would ordinarily. And yes, I’ve been guilty of that too, LOL. What are (other) good sources of inspiration for stitching […]

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Cat Lady Embroidery: 380 Ways to Stitch a Cat

Cat Lady Embroidery

Anyone who knows me knows I’m bonkers about cats. My facebook feed is almost entirely devoted to cat pictures, which is so much more entertaining and uplifting than the news cycle. My friends also know that I love handcrafts like knitting sewing, beading and embroidery. Given these factors, it’s easy to understand why I jumped […]

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