Full Bust Adjustments on Princess Seams

Princess Seam Bodice

Those of us who are amply endowed in the chest region often have a frustrating time making nice looking darts in bodices. It doesn’t matter how carefully you sew the darned things, they create big wedges of fabric under your arms and dramatic pointy cones shooting out from your solar plexus. That shape may have […]

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Designing Jeans Pockets

Jeans Pockets with Birds

Over the years, I’ve seen discussions on the interwebs about creative treatments for the rear patch pockets. Some people confessed to spending a lot of time checking out other people’s backsides–much more time than they would ordinarily. And yes, I’ve been guilty of that too, LOL. What are (other) good sources of inspiration for stitching […]

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Sewing Fine Gathers

Gathered Top

Last summer, I started sewing a pretty wrap top, Butterick B5328, but got distracted by other things and never finished it. I just unearthed the pieces and started working on it again. As is usual for me, I got hung up on the way my gathers were turning out. No matter how much I tried to […]

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