Welcome to Quixotic Pixels!

This blog is an eclectic mish-mash of my book reviews, experimental writing, photography and documentation of craft projects. I reserve the right to add more curiosities as the mood strikes.  Thanks for visiting! ♥


About Me:

  • I live in Renton, WA (close to Seattle).
  • I’m a paralegal by day and a knitting ninja by night.
  • I read voraciously.
  •  I eat good food with gusto.
  • I have a cat named Kitty and a fish named Sushi (RIP).
  • My two kids (16 and 14) are my greatest blessings.


I am passionate about reading. I always carry a book with me and read while commuting, at my lunch break…essentially every spare moment I have. I discuss books with my friends, coworkers , family, knitting club and have begun reviewing books on my blog, goodreads, netgalley, and amazon. I like to read a variety of genres when it comes to fiction. For non-fiction, I’m especially interested in books related to my hobbies, such as sewing, knitting and cooking. I also enjoy biographies/ memoirs.