“This old thing? Why, thank you. I made it myself.”

My Fantasy Alter Ego

Hi, My name is Amy and I LOVE to sew. My mother attempted to teach me when I was young, but I found it to impossibly arcane. Pattern instructions never revealed the really important things like how to finish seams or what needle to use for what fabric, or how to make something fit if your body didn’t match the measurements on the envelope.

Every once in awhile, I’d go back to it hoping to make a prom dress or a baby blanket or a skirt for work, my head filled with visions of beautiful things coming out the other side of the machine. And then I’d experience the whole cycle all over again of not knowing how to do something that wasn’t covered in the instructions, not knowing where to turn, having my bobbin jam up and my seam ripper punch a hole in the fabric all by itself

Tears. Copious tears. Phone calls to mom. Fabric stuffed in a bag stuffed in a box shoved into the back of a closet with the spiders.

What I’ve learned over the years is that persistence doesn’t have to be a continuous exertion of effort and thought. You can take breaks and come back when you’re ready. I kept coming back to sewing because I saw first hand how useful sewing could be and how fulfilling it was to create nice things. My mother demonstrated that year after year. I wore the clothes she made for me, slept under the quilts and even hugged the teddy bears. I wanted to sew, and learned to sew I eventually did, with the help of some solid reference books, inspiring blogs and a few great Craftsy classes.

While I’ve dabbled in patchwork and crafty sewing, I prefer fashion sewing. I love to parade around in something hot off the sewing machine and be able to say, oh so non-chalantly…”This old thing? Why, thank you. I made it myself.”

There are still plenty of wadders to keep the spiders, company, however. Making mistakes is part of pushing onself to learn and experiment.

I have many hobbies in addition to sewing. I enjoy reading, cooking, knitting, beading, photography, playing the piano & guitar… Obviously, with so many things begging for my attention, free time is in short supply. I have to devote some time to my work as a litigation paralegal, raising my two teenagers, and wrangling a couple of cats.

What People Say

Sewing fills my days…not to mention the living room, bedroom and closets.


Creativity is intelligence having fun.


You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.


Let’s build something together.