Never Done / Have Done

In addition to never having sat alone in a bar, she has never:

kissed someone under mistletoe, played a slot machine, changed a tire,* sung Karaoke, solved a Rubik’s cube, learned a martial art, been arrested or fired from a job…

Fifi isn't a particularly smart criminal (6/365)

…used snapchat, worn false eyelashes, waxed her legs, bought a new car,* visited New York City, had a date on Valentine’s*…

36.366 - Giving Chocolate Away is Heart to Do

…watched porn, learned to dance the tango, gone hunting, taken an art class, overcome stage fright, achieved fluency in a second language, won a game of chess against her son (even when he was in elementary school) or tried Red Bull.

Here are a few things she has done:

ran over a mama duck (half a dozen babies orphaned on the roadside), memorized the intro to Canterbury Tales in middle English…

Day 3: Bibliophile …conversed with her cat (who responded articulately), read romance novels (although she gave up on romantic love), panicked in an MRI machine, toured northern France on a bicycle, collected rejection letters, screamed at her children (and felt ashamed), caught and gutted a trout, fired a gun at tin cans on a fence post, turned a cartwheel,  eaten haggis and drunk too much Scotch on Burns night, knit hats for the homeless, played Brahms and boogie woogie on the piano…

…and snorkeled in a cenote.

*She’s done that recently.

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