Harvest Moon Cardi

Several years ago, I bought a black slouchy knit turtle neck with a split hem. I wore that thing to death. It went with everything. It was super comfy. But it always irked me that I hadn’t made such a simple thing myself.

So, I bought a bunch of Berroco Blackstone Tweed and tried to knit Wintry Mix by Amy Herzog, which is roughly similar to my old favorite. I didn’t like how it was turning out, and so many of the project photos on Ravelry showed collars that didn’t look quite right to me. I ripped out and tried a couple of different patterns.

None of them satisfied me.

And then I went back to Harvest Moon, a cardigan which had been in my queue for a long time and which called for the same yarn. Why not give it a go? It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it’s what the yarn wanted to be, and lo and behold, I ended up with a sweater that I love, love, love!

I had some reservations about the front edges. The method used to finish them neatly also caused them to be significantly tighter than the rest of the sweater. I was worried that the front edges would pull up unattractively. I’m glad I persisteIMG_7336d despite my concern. This yarn blocks out wonderfully, and blooms like a dream.

The pockets required a lot of sewing, but I was able to get through that in an afternoon. I haven’t put pockets in a sweater in many years, but pockets are awesome. I know I don’t need to sell you on them, but they’re a cozy place to stick your hands when it’s chilly out, you can carry around your keys, or dog biscuits or whatever treasure you find on a walk down the beach.

Speaking of treasures, I finished off the sweater with a special item I found in my jar of vintage buttons.

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