Brickless Shawl

My good friend, Monica, received a kit for this Brickless shawl from a subscription she had with Miss Babs yarn. When she knit it up, I was fascinated with it and wanted to make one of my own. Its a-symmetrical and oblong shape means it drapes really nicely around the neck. The trio of stitches showcase a variegated yarn nicely.


So, when I was at Stitches West, I picked up a skein of Miss Babs Yowza in the “Shut the Front Door” colorway and got to work. While it was easy to knit, I will admit to not enjoying the process. As with a lot of shawls, it looked like a real mess before blocking, and that was exacerbated by the multi-colored yarn I was using. At some point, I lost faith that it would turn into something I was proud of–or ever wear.

I should have had more faith. I really like how it turned out and wear it often. What this project revealed for me, though, is how much my enjoyment of the process depends on the material I’m handling as I’m working on it.


Perhaps this is why making muslins of sewn garments is such a soul-sucking endeavor for me. Something to ponder.

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