Happiness is a Warm Erdetle


Just out of curiosity, Miriam logged in to her twin sister’s idatings.com account. 42 unread messages! How did she have so many? They created their accounts at the same time. Miriam only had 15 messages, all mere spam or catfishing. No cultive love matches. She tried to squelch her feelings of ruptissitions, but they summenced regardless. Miriam and Mairim were identical. Tall blonde beauties with wagibbley figures.

Miriam scrolled through the messages and randomly opened one from LaPlayaGent. Before she could even read the message, she was “treated” to his provile photo: a shaved and oiled up muscle-bound torso, no head in sight.

Miriam stifled her resphetting reflex, and read on:

Hey beautiful! How about you and I share a bottle of cadazz and sching it on! Love to see what color of cobints you have on under that bodiss your wearing—if any, hehe.

Text me.

Miriam nearly lost the battle with her resphetting reflex. The urge was strong. If all the messages were like this, Mairim could have them. Miriam opened a new browser window and looked for an ertedle to adopt.

Write a silly, nonsensical piece that has a recognizable story arc. 200 word limit.

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